woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Less is more

French fashionista's effortless exude that je-ne-sais-quoi style. The typical Parisienne is best defined in Ines de la Fr├ęssange's 'Parisian Chic ; A Style Guide.
This original French style is all about being sensual and not to try too hard. Low key make up, don't look at me sense of style and a splash of a bedraggled look.
A monotone look is perfect for is this style : a tuxedo jacket, a nude cashmere jumper and a silk blouse (worn as a t shirt) are basic must haves .
D├ęcolletage is good for any body shape, draws attention and makes you look slimmer.
Skinny black pants or a classic jean are perfect basic trousers : a pencil skirt has the same effect.

Ines de la Fressange

Isabel Marant

Carine Roitfeld

vrijdag 5 oktober 2012

We all love Anna !

Did you get the chance to see the window displays at H&M these days ?
We are enduring wind and rain like Fall wants to make a statement like never before. And then you pass an H&M store and see all these Summery bright Turkish blue and golden accessories and you get that instant feel of Summer (back) again.
My personal favourite was the mini clutch with Anna's dog on top. Was lucky to find one left at my local store. It's so cute. Also have to admit it's my very 1st to buy something from any collaborated collection Hennes did.
So, well done Anna ! Love your personality and edgyness : you can tell she works for Vogue Japan cause there's always something kawaii in her way of dressing too.

Meanwhile, enjoy your shopping trip into town today (love Saturdays) and try to pick up your own ADR item if you can.

the lady herself ! 

maandag 1 oktober 2012

Tea my dear ?

I'm instantly attracted to anything mint. Not the flavour but the colour. When I went into the city last week to buy some chocolates, I saw this beautiful tea box filled with black Earl Grey Min Sin tea. Couldn't resist taking one home. Chances this would taste horrid were very unlikely. Actually it tastes really fine. And the box can serve for some other stuff like homemade cookies once all tea has been used up.
You can buy them now (limited) in every Neuhaus shop or online.