zondag 23 september 2012

Peter Pan collar

Always have been a big PP collar fan ; I can't explain how thrilled I am fashion is going to the max with this demure style. Adjustable or attached ; I just love all of them. Even collars layered on top of each other can make an unique fashion statement. My personal faves are the ones available at H&MSandro and Zara 



dinsdag 18 september 2012

Tongue in cheek style

Don't you just love a T or sweater with a good message ? I know I do. LOVE this Créme de la Créme sweater by Zoe Karssen. Ordered mine online last night !

zondag 16 september 2012

DIY hair

Been waiting for this ! DIY ombré for your hair. Available in stores in September. Can't wait. Now all I need to do is to grow mine a bit longer ..

Another great and easy to use DIY color set is available at Urban Outfitters. My daughter India tried it on yesterday and it's very simple to use. She just added a small amount on the tips of her blonde locks ; instant rock chic !

vrijdag 14 september 2012

Fashion NO-NO becomes a YES ! Definitely !

Leggings have been a 'no-can-do' item on every fashionista's checklist. Even the skinniest amongst us have been tagged with 'not a good look' while sporting them. Even pimped up with the latest arm-candy and killer shoes, every single juror in Grazia magazine or Instyle killed this 'style' off. But what do I notice lately ? Leggings keep popping up on Lookbook and street style blogs. Not just the average pair of black leggings ; beautiful printed designs make these once hated fashion no-no's a must have on every girl's wishlist !
Starry nights or swans embellished, front & back, make a simple outfit like a big chunky sweater fabulous !
Look and see for yourself ; get inspirered and make your choice at ROMWE

see more styles via Lookbook

vrijdag 7 september 2012

Who let the dogs out !Did

 photo via  Elle  

Did it !

Some cravings are hard to resist ! Specially when there' just 1 piece left and it fits you perfectly !
I found my statement T at Verso but you can also buy it here ..

woensdag 5 september 2012

Shoe porn

Isabel Marant shoes ; you can find them here 

Aren't these beauties ? Just how many shoes can a woman own ? Without giving her husband a heart failure ? I just don't get women still wearing shoes they bought 2 decades ago. Shoes give away if they are the latest fashion trend or 1981 fashion faux pas.
I'm not being a spoilt little diva here ; I really wear my shoes off. Irreparable. Even before the season is over. Some shoes are  for special occasions ; can't always do my schoolrun in stilettos. European streets are tough !

To compensate, I own lots of LBD's and other classics. They never get out of style. Mixed with the newest in shoe fashion, those classics look new & stylish over and over again.
What's your excuse to buy those latest beauties you saw in the window on your way home ??

zaterdag 1 september 2012

Dsquared sweater in DEMUZE magazine

We are being overpowered by magazines currently, displaying all new FW 2012-2013 looks..
I must say, it's always inspiring to see all these new colours and styles and every year, the hottest in fashion seem to be more beautiful than last year's collections.
Like this morning.
Picking up my Saturday newspaper, a heavyweight edition of 'what to wear' for this upcoming season submerged me in yet another tidal of fashion consciousness.
My personal favourite this morning ; a jumper fromt the knitwear collection by DSQUARED.
You can buy it here and here