donderdag 30 augustus 2012

In search of ...

... this coat by Isabel Marant ! Only have searched 2 cities in Belgium and there still might be a small chance it has to come in. Worst case, I will visit Paris in October, so IM's shop will be on my to-do list. Fingers crossed that I might find it over there ... Meanwhile, you can drool over her amazing collection here 

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

The Cools (how cool is that ?)

When we moved to our new house, I was staggered how many clothes I owned that I even didn't know I had anymore. I found amazing items like a Chanel bracelet, shoes and designer pieces I just had worn once for special occasions.
It's the daily routine stuff you know by heart but those special items with 'special' price tags *coughs* are the ones you tend to forget about.
Reading the latest copy of Vogue , I discovered this great tip, The Cools.
What a great way to sell your used or vintage items worlwide !
I've just started gingerly to add items on the site and hopefully will sell a couple of them.
Roger Vivier flats and a Tory Burch coat I've worn once, are the first to hit this chic secondhand online tool.
Check it out ! You might find something special for date night !

these Roger Vivier flats are for sale via The Cools

dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Plaid (work it !)

Honestly, I wasn't always a plaid fan. My mom made me wear those horrendous itchy plaid skirts, complete with safety pin and all ! Childhood trauma for life.
Luckily, sometimes labels make an effort to erase all those bad memories. I found this lovely shirt, with studs (yay) at Zara yesterday. Still suffering from the trauma, I can't push myself (yet) in buying an expensive shirt, so this was a perfect solution !
How would you wear your plaids ?

Let me share some inspirational sartorial pictures ..

zondag 26 augustus 2012


Sundays are not complete without our Sunday stroll. Using city bikes to get from A to B, in between showers and discovering new shops and cool places to eat or drink.
My favourite bookstore in my hometown is 't Stad Leest' (The City Reads)  ...
They have a mix of great books, cards and awesome children's activity stuff. I always buy retro inspired  stuff to display in my own store ; they often inspire people in displaying books on shelves in their kids' rooms and hopefully one day will push the kids reading some of them. Or at least look at the pictures and get inspired too.

Just across the bookstore, we've discovered a new coffee place Caffè Noir. The people are sympa and very welcoming. We love to drink something and have something sweet and small to nibble on. Meanwhile we like to leaf through our new treasures ; I finally bought Ines de la Fressanges' Parisian Chic style guide. The book shares personal tips of Karl Lagerfeld's muse . Ines was/is a runway model for Chanel. Her guide not only portrays how to dress but gives away some of the best hidden secret places in Paris. Also glad to see Isabel Marant's store is in it (my latest addiction fashionwise).
I've just bought this off white button front blouse from her Etoile collection. Am so into her ethnic-chic style right now. I will use this guide on my next trip to Paris, somewhere in October.

On our way home I also discovered this tiny store, filled with scented candles and a great scarves collection. Find out more about Libertin Louison via this link

Caffè Noir

Latte Amaretti 

my latest Isabel Marant purchase .. buy it here 

New read

I went to my favourite bookstore yesterday. I can't be trusted with a creditcard in a bookstore. Love browsing through all those new shiny books. I decided to buy another cookbook written by former model and tv presenter Pascale Naessens. Her vision that food is to be enjoyed but still can be very healthy, was one reason to buy it. The main reason is that she's still a very beautiful woman, doesn't fall for hypes like botox and plastic surgery. And she looks amazing and good in her own skin. You can see this just looking at her pictures in 'Pure Kitchen'. This is someone I could be friends with. She's pretty but also very witty.

Did you also read the 50 shades trilogy ? Sure you did. To be honest, I'm stuck in part 2, somewhere in page 138. The fact a friend of mine said it would be 'vanilla sex' till page 335 (where she was stuck) held me of my appetite to read any further. First time that ever happened to me reading books on holiday. To me, that's the sign it's not a page turner (and maybe not a good book, but hey, try for yourself and then we'll talk again).
So I've decided to by a good ol' Nicci French : Killing me Softly . Can't wait to start it !

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012


Since I left my first ever blog for my new one, I kinda been missing writing about fashion.
So I've decided to start blogging again about fashion, want-lists and style. I might even blend in my hometown and it's hotspots, like I use to do. Since Instagram has become a new passion of mine, I've been getting a lot of questions from followers asking where I found the stuff I'm taking pictures of.
So, this seems like a sign and a great opportunity to start posting updates about my love for fashion... 

Hope you guys enjoy ! 

Sinds ik mijn oude blog voor mijn huidige verruilde, voelde ik toch een gemis. Mode is toch altijd wel een stokpaardje van me geweest. Daarom besloot ik een extra blog aan te maken om zoals vanouds te schrijven over mode, wish-lists en stijl. Zou goed kunnen dat ik af en toe mijn Antwerpse roots integreer en hot spots vermeld. Sinds Instagram een dagelijkse passie is geworden en ik door verschillende van mijn volgers om 'raad' wordt gevraagd, kon deze blog niet langer uitblijven.
Een teken en opportuniteit om Mint Condition in het leven te roepen...

Hopelijk beleven jullie er véél plezier aan !