vrijdag 14 september 2012

Fashion NO-NO becomes a YES ! Definitely !

Leggings have been a 'no-can-do' item on every fashionista's checklist. Even the skinniest amongst us have been tagged with 'not a good look' while sporting them. Even pimped up with the latest arm-candy and killer shoes, every single juror in Grazia magazine or Instyle killed this 'style' off. But what do I notice lately ? Leggings keep popping up on Lookbook and street style blogs. Not just the average pair of black leggings ; beautiful printed designs make these once hated fashion no-no's a must have on every girl's wishlist !
Starry nights or swans embellished, front & back, make a simple outfit like a big chunky sweater fabulous !
Look and see for yourself ; get inspirered and make your choice at ROMWE

see more styles via Lookbook

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