woensdag 29 augustus 2012

The Cools (how cool is that ?)

When we moved to our new house, I was staggered how many clothes I owned that I even didn't know I had anymore. I found amazing items like a Chanel bracelet, shoes and designer pieces I just had worn once for special occasions.
It's the daily routine stuff you know by heart but those special items with 'special' price tags *coughs* are the ones you tend to forget about.
Reading the latest copy of Vogue , I discovered this great tip, The Cools.
What a great way to sell your used or vintage items worlwide !
I've just started gingerly to add items on the site and hopefully will sell a couple of them.
Roger Vivier flats and a Tory Burch coat I've worn once, are the first to hit this chic secondhand online tool.
Check it out ! You might find something special for date night !

these Roger Vivier flats are for sale via The Cools

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