zondag 26 augustus 2012

New read

I went to my favourite bookstore yesterday. I can't be trusted with a creditcard in a bookstore. Love browsing through all those new shiny books. I decided to buy another cookbook written by former model and tv presenter Pascale Naessens. Her vision that food is to be enjoyed but still can be very healthy, was one reason to buy it. The main reason is that she's still a very beautiful woman, doesn't fall for hypes like botox and plastic surgery. And she looks amazing and good in her own skin. You can see this just looking at her pictures in 'Pure Kitchen'. This is someone I could be friends with. She's pretty but also very witty.

Did you also read the 50 shades trilogy ? Sure you did. To be honest, I'm stuck in part 2, somewhere in page 138. The fact a friend of mine said it would be 'vanilla sex' till page 335 (where she was stuck) held me of my appetite to read any further. First time that ever happened to me reading books on holiday. To me, that's the sign it's not a page turner (and maybe not a good book, but hey, try for yourself and then we'll talk again).
So I've decided to by a good ol' Nicci French : Killing me Softly . Can't wait to start it !

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