zondag 26 augustus 2012


Sundays are not complete without our Sunday stroll. Using city bikes to get from A to B, in between showers and discovering new shops and cool places to eat or drink.
My favourite bookstore in my hometown is 't Stad Leest' (The City Reads)  ...
They have a mix of great books, cards and awesome children's activity stuff. I always buy retro inspired  stuff to display in my own store ; they often inspire people in displaying books on shelves in their kids' rooms and hopefully one day will push the kids reading some of them. Or at least look at the pictures and get inspired too.

Just across the bookstore, we've discovered a new coffee place Caffè Noir. The people are sympa and very welcoming. We love to drink something and have something sweet and small to nibble on. Meanwhile we like to leaf through our new treasures ; I finally bought Ines de la Fressanges' Parisian Chic style guide. The book shares personal tips of Karl Lagerfeld's muse . Ines was/is a runway model for Chanel. Her guide not only portrays how to dress but gives away some of the best hidden secret places in Paris. Also glad to see Isabel Marant's store is in it (my latest addiction fashionwise).
I've just bought this off white button front blouse from her Etoile collection. Am so into her ethnic-chic style right now. I will use this guide on my next trip to Paris, somewhere in October.

On our way home I also discovered this tiny store, filled with scented candles and a great scarves collection. Find out more about Libertin Louison via this link www.techniqueindiscrete.com

Caffè Noir

Latte Amaretti 

my latest Isabel Marant purchase .. buy it here 

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